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50%+ of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the earth and the air is a great conductor. 

The ground is a vast energy reserve, and the air around us is a great conductor of heat and cool. GeoExchange (Geothermal) and Cold Climate-Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHP's) take advantage of these energy sources. We concentrate this energy and move it in and out of the building. Combine our Solar Power and you can have no power bills and no-cost heating/cooling.


You can take full advantage of an Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump when.

-You are seeking NET zero heating and cooling. Combined with our solar systems, this is achievable.

-Your only heating/cooling options are Electricity, Propane, or Fuel Oil.

-You have an open land area for the ground loop heat exchanger. (Ground Source Heat Pump)

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