50% of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the earth.

The ground is a vast solar energy reserve and the air around us is a great conductor of heat and cool. GeoExchange (Geothermal) takes advantage of this energy source. We concentrate this energy and move it into and out of the building. Combine our Solar Power to a GeoExchange system and you can have no power bills and no-cost heating/cooling.

Our typical customer would have no access to natural gas or large cooling demand.


You can take full advantage of GeoExchange when:


-The natural gas line is more than $7500.00 to bring to the home or building.

-Your only heating/cooling options are with Electricity, Propane or Oil.

-You have an open land area for the ground loop.

Back-Up Power Systems


Keep your family or business safe and comfortable. The introduction of long-life, clean diesel technology engines that run much more quietly than higher RPM alternatives (N-Gas/Propane) make diesel the preferred choice for backup power generation. Diesel generators give you a lower-cost alternative, last much longer, run more efficiently without sacrificing quality.