50%+ of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the earth and the air is a great conductor. 

The ground is a vast energy reserve and the air around us is a great conductor of heat and cool. GeoExchange (GEO-Geothermal) and Cold Climate-Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP's) take advantage of these energy sources. We concentrate this energy and move it in and out of the building. Combine our Solar Power and you can have no power bills and no-cost heating/cooling.


You can take full advantage when.

-The natural gas service line is more than $7500.00 to bring to the property.

-You are seeking NET zero heating and cooling. Combined with our solar this is achievable.

-Your only heating/cooling options are with Electricity, Propane or Oil.

-You have an open land area for the ground loop heat exchanger. (GeoExchange)

Out team services all brands, contact us for parts, diagnostics and service calls.

CHP (Combined Heat and Power)


How CHP Cleantech works. An internal combustion or turbine engine, powered by multiple fuel types, drives a generator to create steady, clean and constant single-phase or three-phase electricity for immediate usage or into energy storage for later release of energy.


Waste heat from the engine-turbine, the exhaust, and the electrical components are used to heat hot water, either directly or through a heat reclaimed. Utilized in residential settings to large facilities building heat and large domestic hot water demands. You can obtain large energy savings and carbon reduction with our CHP units.

Our standard CHP plants, 8kW-500 kW, are stackable and can be custom-built to our client's desired power and heat outputs. 

  • UL/CSA listed equipment, safe on utility grids for power production and Net Metering or PPAs.

  • N-GAS, propane, diesel, hydrogen, waste fuels, food waste oils, biomass, syngas can be utilized as the CHP fuel source.

  • Large, measurable carbon and energy reduction during the combustion process is obtained through the use of  CHP systems creating a strong return on investment.

  • Operate at decibel levels (background noise) comparable to a high-end dishwasher.