50%+ of the sun’s energy is absorbed into the earth. 

The ground is a vast solar energy reserve and the air around us is a great conductor of heat and cool. GeoExchange (Geothermal) takes advantage of this energy source. We concentrate this energy and move it in and out of the building. Combine our Solar Power to a GeoExchange system and you can have no power bills and no-cost heating/cooling.


You can take full advantage of GeoExchange when.

-The natural gas line is more than $7500.00 to bring to the home or building.

-Your only heating/cooling options are with Electricity, Propane or Oil.

-You have an open land area for the ground loop heat exchanger.

- Our typical customer would have no access to natural gas or large cooling demand.

Require Service, maintenance or repairs? Our technicians/contractors can assist.

Battery Back-Up Power Systems - Make your home or business Always-On.

Traditionally, when the grid goes down, you lose power – even if you have solar power. With battery storage, your home or business can still have power during a grid outage. Enphase Ensemble energy management technology. Your home receives uninterrupted power whether the grid is up or down. Your power remains uninterrupted through outages and utility shutdowns. Off-Grid and AC coupled systems are financially viable in many circumstances.

Clean Indoor Air.


Utilized with any HVAC or Air Handling systems, new or installed independently (retro-fitted) into any existing home, building or other facilities, clean, purified air has many benefits and can mitigate a wide range of health concerns by neutralizing viruses, bacteria, molds/mildue and many other contaminants in the air and on surfaces. Our air purification devices are designed and tested by independent labs, FDA, CDC, Environment Canada approved to meet the needs of a single room, personal residence to entire facilities. Contact us or visit our BLOG for further information.

IONIZING Air Purification for home or building.


Our ionizing air purifying devices install in any HVAC-duct work system.  When air passes the device, the ions produced seek out and reduce pathogens, all types of influenza and common cold and coronaviruses, bacteria, allergens, VOC particles, smoke and odours in the air by 99.94% (Independent and UL lab studies verified), creating a healthy environment without producing any harmful byproducts.

Using patented technology, called Needle-Point Bi-Polar Ionization, to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions. When these ions are injected into the air stream, they seek out and break down passing pollutants in the air and on surfaces into harmless water vapour.

UV-C Lighting and TRUE HEPA Air Filteration for home or building.

Molds, bacteria and viruses multiplying in the HVAC system and being circulated through ductwork are troubling to anyone who wants a sanitary home or business. Ultraviolet lights were shown to kill molds, viruses and bacteria more than 100 years ago. Today, UV lights are used for germicidal use in homes, hospitals, doctor's offices, medical labs, restaurants and grocery stores. When combined with HEPA filtration the effects are extremely clean air and surfaces from all types of pathogens, all types of influenza and common cold and coronaviruses, bacteria, allergens, VOC particles, smoke and odours in the air by 99.4% (Independent and UL lab studies verified),