Customized systems to fit our clients' unique location, savings goals and carbon reduction targets. Aesthetics are important, a system should look as good as it performs. Farm, Ag Operations, Residential and Commercial systems are our team's areas of expertise. Premium Rooftop systems with high power output. Zero to 90-degree single-axis ground-mounted systems, combined with premium bi-facial solar collectors and inverters will outperform expectations. Systems that will stand up to our climate and perform for decades is our goal. Your project will be no exception.  

Our Solar Advantages. 

  • Solar can lower or eliminate power costs and build equity for the property. 

  • High-performance equipment designed for durability in our Candian climate.  (Snow, Dust, Ice, High Wind, Heat.)

  • Adjustable (powered) Ground Mount  Systems, up to 45%+ greater output and durability than competing brands. 

  • Utility SMART METER "Time of use-peak pricing" ready, EV charging and programmable Energy Storage Compatible.

  • Quality CSA-UL approved components with valid manufacture warranties. 

  • Carbon Tax Concerns - Considerable Carbon (and carbon tax) reduction over the system life.

  •  Saving money with a positive social and environmental impact.

  • Expandable systems for future power needs. 


Quality equipment and workmanship, providing maximum power output. Our team completes the entire process from utility enrollment through customized design, engineering, permitting, installation, activation and monitoring of every system to ensure a seamless transition to renewable energy and carbon offsetting.