Our Story.

Originating in Regina, Saskatchewan (2001). We are an independent, Saskatchewan-owned company with previous experience in the Electrical, HVAC and Construction industries. We continue our education and product knowledge and are client-focused. We provide System-Feild Design, Equipment Supply and Installation Services-both internally and combined with an experienced, professional network of trusted, allied contractors, business owners and service providers. 

Farm, Ag Operations, Residential and Commercial clients are our focus, we value each client's knowledge and input to determine project requirements and assist us in maximizing systems capabilities. To date, we have had the privilege to work with hundreds (1600+) clients both rural, urban and diverse business owners.

​Our Mission - Premium equipment, valid manufacture backed warranties, adding value and safety to our client's properties. And foremost, keeping our client's requirements top of mind. These goals have been at the core of our work. Your project will be no exception.

We understand our industry and recognize the importance of traditional energy sources. We recognize without these sources, we can not perform our work, our equipment can not be manufactured, nor enjoy our Candian lifestyle. We support all energy sectors and advocate diversification and efficient use of all energy sources. We believe this is the logical means to a more sustainable energy future.

 In today's economic climate it is important to work with trusted companies for the financial security, reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness it provides. Our team is reliable, knowledgable and contributes to the success of each project. Contact us, experience a client-focused approach. 

Dwayne Snider  |  Advanced Energy Inc.

COVID-19 Response.

As we all adjust to the health issues and changes, we recognize that in order to maintain the safety of everyone, it is important for us to follow Health Authority precautions to avoid contributing to the spread of Covid-19.


We will follow the guidelines and you can continue to expect:


  • Accurate-transparent information.

  • Clear, consistent customer communication.

  • High-quality equipment to suit customers' unique needs. 

  • Safe, quality equipment, Eng. approved installations. 

Putting modern technology to work, safely, for our customers has and will remain our priority.

Advanced Energy Inc.

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