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Solar Panels
ADV NEW LOGO 2021 Transparent 2.png
ADV NEW LOGO 2021 Transparent 2.png

Our Story.

Advanced Energy Inc. was established in 2001—our commitment to our clients is clear communication, transparent business practices, quality, and cost-effective equipment.


We understand our industry and client's requirements. We recognize the importance of traditional energy. We support and utilize all energy sectors and advocate diversification and efficient use of all energy sources. ​

The Advanced Energy team fulfills the system-site design, client relations, and equipment procurement for our P90 Energy projects. Each team member identifies and considers the client's requirements, contributing to the project's success. 

The P90 Energy Team combines experience and knowledge of successful Saskatchewan-based businesses. With full electrical services, Saskatchewan-based manufacturing, knowledgeable installation technicians and reliable support staff, we can serve a far greater number of clients with cost-effective, high-quality systems.


Contact us to experience a client-focused team.


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