Our Story.


Established in 2001, we are client-focused and provide System Design-Feild Design, Equipment distribution and Installation Services. Our team is comprised of persons of integrity and action-orientated. We help our clients save energy and lower their carbon emissions.

​Our commitment to our clients - Clear communication, transparent business practices, premium cost-effective equipment and timely completion of the project to exceed expectations. These goals have been at the core of our work. 

We understand our industry and clients, we recognize the high importance of traditional energy. Without these sources, we can not perform our work, nor enjoy our Candian lifestyle. We support and utilize all energy sectors and advocate diversification and efficient use of all energy sources. This is the logical means to a more sustainable energy future.

Advanced Energy Inc. has joined with the P90 Energy Alliance. This opportunity further builds a team of 65+ field installation technicians, full electrical services and support staff that is reliable, knowledgeable and creates the ability to serve a far greater amount of clients across the prairie provinces. Each team member has the client requirements top of mind and contributes to the success of the project. Contact us, experience a client-focused team.

Dwayne Snider, President

Advanced Energy Inc.

ADV NEW LOGO 2021 Transparent 2.png
ADV NEW LOGO 2021 Transparent 2.png