Operations began in 2001 with many previous years of experience in Solar Power, Electrical Systems, GeoExchange (Geothermal) and Building Construction. 


From certified trained installers, certified roofing specialists, red seal electricians, certified HVAC technicians and electrical design/engineering, our diverse, experienced group can complete the project from proposal to completion.


Since operations began we have provided energy systems in a broad range of applications from Residential, Farm/Ag and commercial/industrial customers.

We understand the importance of the traditional energy sources to Saskatchewan, Canada and the world. Without those sources we do maintain our Canadian Lifestyle or get to our work each day. Diversification and combining renewable and traditional energy is the logical means to a brighter, more sustainable energy future.

Why we do it? We truly enjoy our work and clients. Within our group of specialists we strive for quality workmanship that will last the life of the system, lowering operational costs and adding greater value to our customers properties. These goals have been at the core of our all achievements. Your project will be no exception.

We are well established through strategic partnerships and diversification to make renewable energy systems easy to understand, utilize and financially accessible.


Within our group of specialist and national partners we are certain we can provide you with a Return on Investment that makes sense for your particular needs. 


Contact us, we would be happy discuss servicing your existing equipment or provide a proposal for your new project. 


Accurate information, quality equipment, quality installations and putting modern technology to work for our customers is what you can expect from us.

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