Bi-Polar Ionization - Clean, Purified Air.

As economies, cities, schools, business, commercial buildings, home care facilities and our personal homes open up the COVID-19 virus has forever changed our perspective on personal interaction and our environment. But what does this new environment look like and how does it operate? Collaboration with industry partners, global health authorities and health experts present some of the most effective ways to make our homes, schools and all buildings safer.

Turns out our Bi-Polar ionization equipment installed in HVAC systems is effective and highly recommended. Clients we have supplied-installed for had greater protection without having knowledge to the fact that Bi-Polar, UC-C light and TRUE Hepa filtration works in the fight against COVID-19. Most clients were simply after clean, purified air to mitigate other heath concerns such as, allergies, asthma, copd, influenza, common cold viruses and other respiratory illness.

From filters in HVAC systems to sanitization and touchless toilet fixtures as well as technology such as bio-scanning, there are many short and long-term strategies that can be implement to increase the safety for everyone. These strategies will reassure occupants that the buildings they are returning to have evolved to keep pace with the latest in health and safety guidelines.

Many global heath authority recommendations and residence-building integration stories can be found below and a google search will reveal thousands of stories of equipment in use. They are based on the research conducted by independent test Lab's, teams of engineers, health consultants and heath authorities. This research continues as the data and knowledge on COVID-19 evolves.

We are committed to providing high quality equipment and being a part of the solution to a strong recovery process. Stay Safe, combine our Bi-Polar Ionization technology, use good hygiene, good cleaning practices and wear your PPE as requested. We all have families and friends to protect.

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