Solar in Regina, Saskatchewan - Bi-Facial Modules!

Make more power in less space. Robust engineering to withstand our Saskatchewan climate. (We all know what that can bring us!) Our rual and commercial cusotmers as seeing the power these systems bring. Contact us, we can help power your future.

What is Bi-Facial Technology?

"It used to be an insult to be “two-faced”, and now it’s a sign of being on top of technology trends. We wrote recently about the explosion in solar panel efficiency, and with bi-facial panels, that efficiency can be boosted another 20+%. and up to another 20+% (up to 40% gains) with our One Axis Ground Mounted system.

Traditional solar panels cover the back surface with reflective aluminum, to allow the cells to capture as much light as possible, perfect for roof applications. These cells are only active on the top side.The cells in a bifacial panel are active on both sides.

To enable light to reach the rear, the traditional opaque backing is replaced with a finger grid and added cells on the back. Combined with our ground mounted applications, bifacial cells are top performers in the market.

What makes it work? Albedo. That’s the term which characterizes how reflective a surface is. The reason is that the back side of the module is really only getting reflected light – as a correctly oriented panel will be pointed towards the sun. So if the surface reflecting light to your panel is dark, you won’t see an appreciable difference. If you are on grass, instead of dirt, you can see as much as a 20% increase in energy production. And for a country which occasionally gets snow – even if the front is covered, the rear can benefit from all that lovely reflective snow.

There’s no doubt that bi-facials cause a re-think to traditional design and engineering of solar systems. By some estimates, equivalent energy production could cover a footprint less than half of what it takes today.

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