Solar in Southern Saskatchewan - SaskPower 20% Rebate.

With many, many request for solar to our company, we have been hearing conflicting statements about the 20% rebate. The process can be a bit overwhelming for someone not familiar with the requirements to have a solar system on grid. With 100% approval on all our systems we have put on grid, we are here to help you submit your application.

1 - SaskPower NET Metering P.I.S. application is required to be in by Nov. 30th, 2018 (several documents required)

2 - The Renewables Check Sheet must be submitted to Electrical Plans Review. (Many, detailed, documents required)

3 - The Rebate application needs to be submitted to get in the Que for your rebate

Of course the system needs to be installed, to electrical code regulations, in between the applications and inspected (passed) by a SaskPower electrical inspector.

The major conflicting statement we are hearing:

"The system must be installed by Nov. 30th, 2018 to qulify for 20% rebate."

Correct Information: The PIS application must be in and there is a one (1) year completion date to qualify for the 20% rebate. (Needs to be installed and inspected by Nov. 30th 2019) This confirmed with the persons(s) directing the program at SaskPower. If you wish verify this and speak directly to the department directing the program, please call the SaskPower information line on their website and be directed to NET Metering program.

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