Solar In Saskatchewan - A customers perspective.

A customer recently sent a message with information on how their solar system has been operating. First, we met with the customer, fine tuned their Heating/Cooling system, helped determine where power was being wasted and designed a new solar system to meet their needs. Below is the result. We are certain you too can take advantage of solar power in Saskatchewan. Contact us, we can help.


"If you are interested in a solar installation we can certainly recommend Advanced Energy Inc. These gentlemen helped to move us into the 21st century. Their work was done expertly and on time. They handled all the paperwork from Sask. Power and the Sask. Power inspector was very pleased with their workmanship.

They were patient with all our questions and lack of knowledge of this field. They sourced the best solar panels for us at no additional charge.

Power bills that were $9,055.00 for the 2014 year were reduced to a credit of $1,698.37 for the year ending 2016. On our January 2017 invoice we still have a credit amount of $1,230.29 for 95 days of electricity consumed. With power costs rising, they have been the solution to our huge power bills. We would recommend Advanced Energy Inc. to anyone wanting to reduce their power costs."

Trudi and Christopher


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