2017 Solar Promotions!

Considering Solar Power! Sorry we don't have any tacky promotions that have no value for our customers, we offer genuine solar promotions that help you save money.

See our below 2017 Solar promotion, no time limits or high pressure sales tactics, just value.

We offer an in house promotion of $100.00 / kW system installed when you present us with our below ad either in print or email form. (Ex. you install a 5 kW system you get an instant rebate of $500.00. Print the below ad and present it to us when your ready to go solar.

We also offer a $10.00 / Kw system installed referral fee. (Ex. on a 5 kW system. Print the below ad, or save and email it to someone you may thing has an interest in solar. Don't forget to put your name and email address on it, if the person of interest goes solar with us you receive a $50.00 referral fee.)

In addition to our in-house promotion, many of our suppliers run spring, summer and fall promotions we can leverage to your advantage. Typically they are of the same value season to season but will defiantly help you save money on your solar system!

We are certain we can provide the best value, strongest return on your investment and top quality solar components.

Print or Email, and save money.

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