Solar Systems For Sale Saskatchewan! Ask these Five Questions.

Looking for solar panels for sale? Before you get started, there are five things you should know:

1. Are you a home or building owner?

You must be a home or building owner in order to make the decision to install. If rent or lease a home or building that you rent, your first step will be getting the owner of the building to agree to go solar.

2. Do you spend more than $100.00 each month on electricity?

Your monthly savings are largely determined by how much you spend on electricity. Because both your electricity consumption changes over the course of a year and the hours of sunlight changes,we will ask for the last year or more of your electricity bills to build an accurate quote. This allows a much more accurate savings estimate so you can make a more informed decision. The savings and return on investment are relative no matter if you spend $100.00 or 900.00 on power a month. You can expect a 7-9 year return.

3. Is your roof suitable for solar?

The second most important factor in determining your savings is your roof’s suitability for solar. Aside from your roof being 100% shaded, there’s not much to stop you from going solar. There are a few key factors that can greatly improve the performance of your solar panels. Is it south facing, do you have an east/west roof line, great. If it’s not ceder shakes, even better.

4. Do you want to lease or own?

Thanks to solar leases, commercial systems can take advantage of Tax incentives and free up budget cash flow. However, more people are looking to own their solar panels (commercial systems still qualify for Tax incentives) – either buying with cash outright or financing their system with a no money down home solar loan. Your return on Investment is quicker and you retain ownership. We as well as many financial institutions offer a home solar loan with lower monthly payments than typically found in the solar industry. Plus, with a loan, you can pay it off when you want. Call you banking institution, you may be surprised at what they have to offer you fora solar system loan.

5. Are the tax incentives or rebates?

The federal government offers a accelerated tax credit for commercial systems – either through a cash purchase or loan. While we aren’t tax experts and cannot offer tax advice, we can encourage you to take advantage of any tax credits you are eligible for. There currently is a 20% rebate on both residential and commercial systems through SaskPower's NET meter program. This rebate is 20% of the entire system cost. (Equipment and labour, etc.)

Now you know five of the right questions to ask when looking for solar system. An easy indicator of a solar systems quality is if a trusted local installer has been using it for their many previous customers. So instead of trying to assess the difference between panel efficiency, you may find it much easier to just talk to us today about how all the components of a solar system work together to best suit your needs and last for decades.

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