Renewable Energy in Saskatchewan

As expected by and always delivered, the Regina Chamber of Commerce has the business communities best interest in mind once again. A recent article in the January 2017 Chamber Link magazine entitled "FROM THE CEO'S DESK - Renewable Energy", CEO, John Hopkins provides an very accurate description of why renewable energy is increasingly important to Saskatchewan.

It states many of the economics and benefits renewable energy has to offer Saskatchewan and is what we (I) and the leaders of renewable energy industry believe. We (nor I) as a company definitely do not fit the "tree huggers" mold, nor do any of our customers. They are forward thinking, modern, technology savvy, smart persons who are looking for a strong return on investment, (Does your savings account or other investments have a 9%-14% return?) however 15 years ago that was the customer!

Things have changed, dramatically in our 16 years of being in the renewable energy industry. Solar cost are down 75%+ in the past 5-7 years due to global demand, equipment is much more efficient and reliable and it makes economic and environmental sense for anyone who pays a power bill.

Take a moment in your busy day and read the article. Good information!


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