Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan?

Below is a Re-post/additions of our Carbon Tax Blog. Many new articles and developments are happening since. A google search of "Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan" will give you the latest information.

With the latest announcements by the Federal Government, it seems a Carbon Tax in one form or the other is on its way to Saskatchewan and across Canada. Good, bad or no effect for the province, you be the judge. Voice your opinion to the decision makers in our Provincial Government and Federal Government, hopefully a decision on the Carbon Tax that appeases both Governments can be made.

Its bigger than a local issue, There are global plays at work also. (Paris Accords etc.) Those without a carbon reduction plan in place may loose out to other countries on international trade deals (IE. Ag, Oil, Softwoods etc.) with a carbon reduction in place or face higher export tariffs and taxes.

A quick Google search "Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan" provides references and opinions. What will be taxed the highest? Likely Coal Power, Natural Gas, Gasoline/Diesel fuels and Food costs. Among many other services and commodities we utilize daily.

What can be done? Use less energy...seems to be the message of the Carbon Tax.

- Cut back on heating?...Hard to do in Saskatchewan. A 12+ Degree C home in -30 Degree C weather does not sound to comfortable.

- Eat Less?...We import food to Saskatchewan. We cant grow it or store it at volumes we consume it in winter.

- Drive less?...How do you get to work, home, family, travel to doctor appointments? Saskatchewan has long distances between essential services required for daily life.

- Use less power on site? That's an option! We can help. Contact us, see how solar can power your future.

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