CanSIA Code of Conduct

The Canadian Solar Industries Association (“CanSIA”) is the foremost industry voice and association in Canada.

CanSIA has created the Solar Business Code of Conduct (the “Code”) to establish strong mechanisms for consumer protection and to promote transparency within the Canadian solar industry. By providing consumers with clear standards and principles to which they can refer, CanSIA aims to ensure that consumers are informed of the benefits of working with a CanSIA member company.

This "Code of conduct" has been developed as a means of consumer protection. Advanced Energy Inc. is a signed on member of CanSIA and adheres to its code through signed/documented Code of Conduct contract.

Wen are proud to follow this Code of Conduct, it protect you, our customers and puts pressure on the industry to stop inferior or deceptive solar installation practices. For a copy of the Code of Conduct" agreement, please email us or visit the CanSIA website.

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