GHGs and Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan

Since the Trump win in the US election, the proposed Carbon Tax has been praised and under fire across the Canada and in Saskatchewan. Many opinions and forecasts of the outcome it will bring to our local Saskatchewan economy have been offered. Its just not a local issue. There are also global agendas at play. (IE. those without a Carbon Tax or equivalent program for carbon reduction may loose out or have higher tariffs on international trade deals (Ag., Oil, Softwoods etc.) to those who have one in place.)

What exactly is a carbon tax? Wikipedia offers a good explanation.

A GOOGLE search of "Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan" brings a great number of news articles, opinions and details on how the Carbon Tax would work in Canada as well. Lets support our current local Government to work out a program that is beneficial to the Sask. economy and meets targets set by the Federal Government.

The current Chamber Link Magazine also offers input on the Carbon Tax subject. Find a few moments in your day to read them, it may help you determine how a Carbon Tax could benefit or hinder the Saskatchewan economy.

Speak out, let our elected Gov. officials know your opinion.

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