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Here’s a customer featured system (7.5kW Solar PV). With new electrical code regulations and the heightened interest in solar system due to the Saskpower NET Meter program, we thought it would be nice to show you what our customers are saying about how we go about making sure our customers are taken care of through the paperwork, installation and after install service. We feel we can take care of your needs as well!

"I had wanted to set up a solar array for a while but didn’t know quite where to start. I contacted Advanced Energy and Dwayne came by to do some measurements on the house. We talked about what I wanted to do and what size of array would fit on my roof. In the days that followed, I asked him a bunch more follow up questions. He patiently answered each email and provided me with the information I needed. I found Dwayne to be both knowledgeable and personable and I never felt pressured to buy or that I was being “sold” a system – Dwayne just gave me information I asked for and let me decide. I paid a deposit and Dwayne got to work on all the behind-the-scenes bits - getting the engineer’s diagram, electrical permit, and completing the initial paperwork with SaskPower.

When the panels arrived, installation went smoothly – it took about a day for Dwayne and his team to put up the rack and wires, and another day to get the panels up. Dwayne arranged for an electrician to do the hook-up and made sure that the wiring was tidy inside and out. When the electrical inspector came, Dwayne made sure to be here too, so if there were any issues he would understand exactly what would need to be done. I can tell you that Dwayne takes pride in his work and that I really felt he had my interests at heart throughout the entire project.

It’s been about four months since we threw the switch and started generating electricity on our own. Surprisingly, installing the panels has really helped our whole family become more energy efficient – now we know we’re saving money on every watt we can turn the meter back on, so we’re constantly shutting off lights and devices when they’re not in use.

We had one minor glitch in Spring when some water got into one of the receptacles on the roof. The system responded correctly by tripping the breaker and keeping everything safe. Dwayne and his team came out and spent the better part of a day upgrading the stock box with a more robust one so that the problem would never happen again. Since then, the system has worked flawlessly and I have been enjoying monitoring the generation rates with the Enphase app on my phone. I like it when I hit a new “record” for daily generation!

I have and will continue to recommend Dwayne and his Advanced Energy team. They’re stand up guys, they know their stuff, they do good work, and they stand behind it."

  • Andre Boutin-Maloney

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