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December 8, 2017

More power, less space. No Damage to your Property.

Its why we utilize the right system for our local climate. (Snow, Wind, Debris, Ice Damming, Shading and many more reasons..) Marketing tactics and "sales tools" will try to convince you otherwise. Its just not the cas...

December 1, 2017

It comes up from time to time. How does the SaskPower NET Metering program work? Do I need batteries? I had the opportunity to contribute to ReFined LifeStyles Magazine. Here is the Facebook Post.

Hope it will help answer your questions!

April 21, 2017

Here’s a customer featured system (7.5kW Solar PV). With new electrical code regulations and the heightened interest in solar system due to the Saskpower NET Meter program, we thought it would be nice to show you what our customers are saying about how we go about maki...

February 10, 2017

Solar potential and Isolation Map: Canada

Source: Natural Resources Canada (NRC). (2007).

Additional resources can be found at: tps://www.nrcan.gc.ca/18366

Below compares the Solar potential from Canadian cities and other major cities of the World

January 30, 2017

This below article was written By Enphase Energy. It holds true in our local Saskatchewan Climate.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent the renewable energy industry into a tizzy in late October with the announcement of Tesla’s newest solar foray: the solar roof. Tesla’s next produ...

January 25, 2017

Looking for solar panels for sale? Before you get started, there are five things you should know:

1. Are you a home or building owner?

You must be a home or building owner in order to make the decision to install. If rent or lease a home or building that you rent, your f...

October 26, 2016

Great job SaskPower! Showing the rest of the Country and world Saskatchewan is preparing to be a leader in renewable energy and carbon reduction! Project like this and the Carbon Capture one will defiantly benefit Saskatchewan and hopefully mitigate or reduce any poten...