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Solar in Southern Saskatchewan - SaskPower 20% Rebate.

With many, many request for solar to our company, we have been hearing conflicting statements about the 20% rebate. The process can be a bit overwhelming for someone not familiar with the requirements to have a solar system on grid. With 100% approval on all our systems we have put on grid, we are here to help you submit your application. 1 - SaskPower NET Metering P.I.S. application is required to be in by Nov. 30th, 2018 (several documents required) 2 - The Renewables Check Sheet must be submitted to Electrical Plans Review. (Many, detailed, documents required) 3 - The Rebate application needs to be submitted to get in the Que for your rebate Of course the system needs to be installed, to

Solar in Regina, Saskatchewan - Busy Sept. With Bi-Facial Modules!

Sept. has been a busy month, below is an example of system we installed for our rural customer(s) utilizing the power of LG Bi-Facial technology. Contact us and take advantage for the 20% SaskPower rebate. What is Bi-Facial Technology? "It used to be an insult to be “two-faced”, and now it’s a sign of being on top of technology trends. We wrote recently about the explosion in solar panel efficiency, and with bi-facial panels, that efficiency can be boosted another 20+%. and up to another 20+% with our One Axis Ground Mounted system. Traditional solar panels cover the back surface with reflective aluminum, to allow the cells to capture as much light as possible. These cells are only active on

Solar in Regina, Saskatchewan – Asking the Questions and Choosing the right system for your needs.

Asking, and being asked the right question about solar power for your needs can help illustrate that not all solar is the same and your needs are being met with a quality system that will last decades. Below is a list of questions that will help. General Questions: Do I want to reduce my bill or remove it, what size system will I need to do either? This depends also on your budget and many other factors, have the installer go through the different scenarios. How long will it take to pay off my system? This depends on: The size of system you install The direction and angle the panels face The amount you paid for the system A reputable installer will be able to go through these numbers with yo

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