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Solar in Saskatchewan - 17kW on riding stable by Advanced Energy Inc.

Go Solar Sask with Advanced Energy! 17kW on a riding stable just completed. Connected to the NET metering program and will offset this customers entire power bill! ($3600.00-$4000.00 in power cost annually offset) Contact us, our solar can help power your your home, building, farm or acreage. The future of power is in your hands.

Solar in Saskatchewan - SOS Magazine

Happy to support the SOS Magazine with a small ad space. Good information and helpful resources on topics that affect our teens on a daily basis.

Solar in Saskatchewan - Advanced Energy Inc.

Grateful to be given the opportunity to be a contributor in the current issue of Refined Homes Magazine! Hope it will provide you with useful information! Contact us, we can help you make power! Follow the below link to the article!

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