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Rural Install - Solar in Saskatchewan

Another install competed! This system was installed on a beautiful arch rib home in rural Sask., about 20 East of Regina. This 6.4 kW system will take care of this customers power requirements and illustrates the versatility our solar systems can provide. Where there's a roof there's a way to go solar!

Solar in Regina and Saskatchewan - Advanced Energy Business Profile

A business profile of our company was recently published by Industry West Magazine. This magazines typical content focus and readership would be Traditional Energy, Mining and large Ag companies and persons involved in those sectors. Interest and inclusion of our company in this magazines clearly shows the acceptance of renewable energy is broad and has the potential to enhance these industries revenue and lower carbon emissions/taxes at the same time. We are very proud to be a part of the energy sector in Saskatchewan and have the spotlight focused on our company in this publication. Visit this link to read the entire business profile. http://industrywestmagazine.com/industry/business-profi

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