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Solar in Saskatchewan - Impressive!

"In a partnership between Saskatoon Light and Power, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society Cooperative Solar Co-op and Saskatchewan Polytechnic, 92 solar panels have been placed near Valley Road to generate electricity." A great step in the right direction! A solar Co-op in Saskatoon is in operation. Great partnership between organizations to further renewable energy for the city of Saskatoon! Impressive! For more on the project visit these below links. StartFragmenthttp://www.620ckrm.com/2017/04/26/112332/EndFragment http://globalnews.ca/news/3405501/saskatoon-looks-to-solar-power-to-generate-electricity/EndFragment

Solar In Saskatchewan - Micro Inverters Vs Central Inverters

The question comes up "what is the difference between micro inverters vs central inverters". We believe they are both great systems and perform well in the right conditions. However, our 16 years in the renewable energy industry and real world experience with our Saskatchewan weather conditions (having installed both styles of systems) has given us valuable feedback and performance data. We have taken the way of the Micro Inverter exclusively. Why? - Saskatchewan weather condition performance (snow, dust, debris, over cast etc.) - No single point of failure (central inverter down, whole system is down) - Warranty coverage - Availability and cost of product - Durability The study below can gi

What our Customers Are Saying...

Here’s a customer featured system (7.5kW Solar PV). With new electrical code regulations and the heightened interest in solar system due to the Saskpower NET Meter program, we thought it would be nice to show you what our customers are saying about how we go about making sure our customers are taken care of through the paperwork, installation and after install service. We feel we can take care of your needs as well! "I had wanted to set up a solar array for a while but didn’t know quite where to start. I contacted Advanced Energy and Dwayne came by to do some measurements on the house. We talked about what I wanted to do and what size of array would fit on my roof. In the days that followe

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