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A Customers Experience with Advanced Energy - Solar in Regina and Saskatchewan

Corey lives in the city (Regina) and contacted us to discuss solar for his power needs. With a growing family comes growing monthly expenses, Corey was looking at current power needs and well into the future. He recently posted this to his Face Book pg. Happy we could help Corey plan for his families future! "As many of you have seen in my recent posts regarding the Solar system, I have been providing twice as much power SaskPower as I have been taking. You too can make this happen. For any of those who are thinking about getting a Solar system installed, Advanced Energy Inc. is currently running a promotion. Advanced installed the system on my house; I am very happy, very impressed and w

Solar in Regina - A Customers experience with Advanced Energy Inc.

Jeff and Carmen contacted us about going solar on their home. The end result... "Advanced Energy didn’t merely install solar panels on our house, but they walked us through every step along the way. The people at Advanced Energy are helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable. Our experience with Dwayne and the staff at Advanced Energy was top notch and I would recommend them to anyone." Jeff M - East Regina Jeff was also feature in a CTV News story about a combined off grid "self installed system" and our "NET meter" system we installed on his family home. Follow the link to view the story. http://regina.ctvnews.ca/off-the-grid-sask-residents-looking-for-alternative-power-sources-1.3285263

City of Regina - Turns Methane to Electrcity

Now that's a great investment and use of a non-renewable resource that would otherwise not be utilized and potentially cause enviro damage. Great work City of Regina! Follow the below link to Leader Post Article. StartFragmenthttp://leaderpost.com/news/local-news/greenhouse-gases-at-regina-garbage-dump-now-powering-1000-homesEndFragment

Renewable Energy in Saskatchewan -Regina Chamber Of Commerce

We said it before and want to say it again! As expected by and always delivered, the Regina Chamber of Commerce has the communities best interest in mind once again. A recent article in the Mach 2017 Chamber Link magazine, CEO, John Hopkins provides an very accurate description of why renewable energy is increasingly important to Saskatchewan. The balance of the article is written by Aimee Sudom, Communications Officer of the R&DCC states many of the economics and benefits renewable energy has to offer Saskatchewan. The article features three of our customers systems and comments on why they chose renewable energy. Take a moment in your busy day and read the article. Good information! LINK

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