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Solar In Saskatchewan - What 4 million panels from space looks like!

"In the past few years, the title of “largest solar farm in the world” has been a rather short-lived distinction. For a period in 2014, the Topaz Solar Farm in California topped the list with its 550-megawatt (MW) facility. In 2015, another operation in California, Solar Star, edged its capacity up to 579 MW. By 2016, India’s Kamuthi Solar Power Project in Tamil Nadu was on top with 648 MW of capacity. As of February 2017, Longyangxia Dam Solar Park in China was the new leader, with 850 MW of capacity. These images, both of which were acquired by the Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8, show how the solar park grew over a four-year period. By January 5, 2017, solar panels covered 27 s

Solar Power in Saskatchewan

StartFragment That's forward thinking SaskPower! Great current article on how Saskatchewan is becoming a leader in Solar Power in not so many years. This a great means of rounding out our power production needs. A smart mix of renewable and traditional energy is the answer to today's and future energy needs. There is a cost to this...unfortunately even though it is free renewable power being generated your power bill wont be going down. It however should slow the rate increases somewhat? Its been stated SaskPower transmission and infrastructure will now require upwards of a billion dollars annually to upgrade and maintain the power grid. Renewable energy upgrades are a means of generating re

Solar In Saskatchewan - A customers perspective.

A customer recently sent a message with information on how their solar system has been operating. First, we met with the customer, fine tuned their Heating/Cooling system, helped determine where power was being wasted and designed a new solar system to meet their needs. Below is the result. We are certain you too can take advantage of solar power in Saskatchewan. Contact us, we can help. StartFragment "If you are interested in a solar installation we can certainly recommend Advanced Energy Inc. These gentlemen helped to move us into the 21st century. Their work was done expertly and on time. They handled all the paperwork from Sask. Power and the Sask. Power inspector was very pleased

Solar Panels Regina - Enphase Saftey

Latest Release From Enphase regarding micro inverters and why they are the safest system on the market. "Microinverters Still Safest After 2017 Code Changes" Feb 07, 2017 Rooftop solar will be safer for US homeowners and installers thanks to recent changes in the electrical code used by permit inspectors across the country. As each state adopts the 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code (NEC), high voltage will be restricted to the solar module array. That’s good news, because Enphase already complies with the 2017 NEC. But it’s important to remember that tighter safety standards don’t mean that all solar technologies will become as safe as Enphase technology. We’ll talk more about Enp

Solar in Saskatchewan - Do I need Batteries?

From time to time we take calls and questions on solar battery storage. below is a link to the Enphase Storage system we would utilize today in certain circumstances. (Off Grid, which is very un-common). In the current way we consumers pay for power in Saskatchewan, a one price per kW/hr use, day or night, battery systems do not have the return on investment that many would expect. If Saskatchewan moves to Smart Meters and Peak/Off Peak kW/hr pricing this is when solar/battery storage systems will make much more sense as you will be able to utilize your battery systems stored power in "Peak" times when the kW/hr is much more cost. "Off-peak refers to lower, discounted electricity prices duri

Solar in Saskatchewan - MGM Grand

"Las Vegas casinos seek to power their bright lights with renewable energy". If they can do it. So can you! Links: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/07/las-vegas-casinos-solar-power-nevada-energy https://www.wired.com/2016/03/las-vegas-utilities-really-dont-want-strip-go-solar/ http://mgmresorts.investorroom.com/2016-07-06-MGM-Resorts-International-and-NRG-Energy-Complete-the-Installation-of-One-of-the-Nations-Largest-Rooftop-Solar-Arrays

2017 Solar Promotions!

Considering Solar Power! Sorry we don't have any tacky promotions that have no value for our customers, we offer genuine solar promotions that help you save money. See our below 2017 Solar promotion, no time limits or high pressure sales tactics, just value. We offer an in house promotion of $100.00 / kW system installed when you present us with our below ad either in print or email form. (Ex. you install a 5 kW system you get an instant rebate of $500.00. Print the below ad and present it to us when your ready to go solar. We also offer a $10.00 / Kw system installed referral fee. (Ex. on a 5 kW system. Print the below ad, or save and email it to someone you may thing has an interest in so

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