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Solar Roofs in Saskatchewan - Worth it?

This below article was written By Enphase Energy. It holds true in our local Saskatchewan Climate. Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent the renewable energy industry into a tizzy in late October with the announcement of Tesla’s newest solar foray: the solar roof. Tesla’s next product offering will include solar shingles and a revamped Powerwall 2.0 with integrated inverter. With all the buzz the announcement received, it’s likely that every homeowner currently considering solar has the same question: is Tesla’s solar roof worth the wait? Ultimately, that’s up to you. But we can help you look past the hype and understand what these products actually deliver. Don’t get us wrong: we applaud Musk’s vision a

Solar Systems For Sale Saskatchewan! Ask these Five Questions.

Looking for solar panels for sale? Before you get started, there are five things you should know: 1. Are you a home or building owner? You must be a home or building owner in order to make the decision to install. If rent or lease a home or building that you rent, your first step will be getting the owner of the building to agree to go solar. 2. Do you spend more than $100.00 each month on electricity? Your monthly savings are largely determined by how much you spend on electricity. Because both your electricity consumption changes over the course of a year and the hours of sunlight changes,we will ask for the last year or more of your electricity bills to build an accurate quote. This allow

The Cost of Solar Has Fallen Saskatchewan!

Below is an article written by Mosic/Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Tracking the Sun VI: An Historical Summary of the Installed Price of Photovoltaics in the United States from 1998 to 2012, 2013. Since it has been written, three years have passed and the cost of solar has bottomed out and holding steady. We are now seeing slight increases due to global demand, now is the time to consider a solar system. ----------------------------------------- "Today, the average solar panel costs around $1,000 per panel to install. A typical home will have 10-20 panels, resulting in a total cost of around $20,000. Figuring out the exact cost for your home can take a little bit of work to factor in diffe

CanSIA Code of Conduct

The Canadian Solar Industries Association (“CanSIA”) is the foremost industry voice and association in Canada. CanSIA has created the Solar Business Code of Conduct (the “Code”) to establish strong mechanisms for consumer protection and to promote transparency within the Canadian solar industry. By providing consumers with clear standards and principles to which they can refer, CanSIA aims to ensure that consumers are informed of the benefits of working with a CanSIA member company. This "Code of conduct" has been developed as a means of consumer protection. Advanced Energy Inc. is a signed on member of CanSIA and adheres to its code through signed/documented Code of Conduct contract. Wen ar

Renewable Energy in Saskatchewan

As expected by and always delivered, the Regina Chamber of Commerce has the business communities best interest in mind once again. A recent article in the January 2017 Chamber Link magazine entitled "FROM THE CEO'S DESK - Renewable Energy", CEO, John Hopkins provides an very accurate description of why renewable energy is increasingly important to Saskatchewan. It states many of the economics and benefits renewable energy has to offer Saskatchewan and is what we (I) and the leaders of renewable energy industry believe. We (nor I) as a company definitely do not fit the "tree huggers" mold, nor do any of our customers. They are forward thinking, modern, technology savvy, smart persons who are

Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan?

Below is a Re-post/additions of our Carbon Tax Blog. Many new articles and developments are happening since. A google search of "Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan" will give you the latest information. With the latest announcements by the Federal Government, it seems a Carbon Tax in one form or the other is on its way to Saskatchewan and across Canada. Good, bad or no effect for the province, you be the judge. Voice your opinion to the decision makers in our Provincial Government and Federal Government, hopefully a decision on the Carbon Tax that appeases both Governments can be made. Its bigger than a local issue, There are global plays at work also. (Paris Accords etc.) Those without a carbon re

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