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Solar In Regina, Sask - Is phasing out coal power possible?

There has been much recent discussion on renewable energy, carbon capture etc. and with the latest Federal Gov. news release stating the phase out of coal power in Canada by 2030, debates and opinions for and against the phase out of coal power have been offered in the media from various creditable sources across Canada. Can it be done in Sask? Whats the cost to the economy? Whats the advantage to our environment? Below are several articles that will give perspective on the subject. Regardless of how Saskatchewan proceeds with coal phase out, solar power, carbon capture, purchasing out of province clean power, (Manitoba Hydro power) negotiating "equivalency agreements" with the Federal Gov.

GHGs and Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan

Since the Trump win in the US election, the proposed Carbon Tax has been praised and under fire across the Canada and in Saskatchewan. Many opinions and forecasts of the outcome it will bring to our local Saskatchewan economy have been offered. Its just not a local issue. There are also global agendas at play. (IE. those without a Carbon Tax or equivalent program for carbon reduction may loose out or have higher tariffs on international trade deals (Ag., Oil, Softwoods etc.) to those who have one in place.) What exactly is a carbon tax? Wikipedia offers a good explanation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_tax A GOOGLE search of "Carbon Tax in Saskatchewan" brings a great number of news

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